Jasmine S Styles

Executive Director

Born in the big city of Greenville, MS and raised in the small but mighty town of Leland, MS, she is a Mississippi Delta Girl, through and through. Jasmine attended Leland School District from Page-Moore Head Start, to 10th grade at Leland High School. She completed her junior and senior years at Greenville Christian School, graduating with the Class of 2013. She went on to attend Mississippi State University to complete a Bachelor of Arts (2018), Bachelor of Science (2019), and a Masters of Public Policy & Administration (2021), minoring in African American Studies, Psychology, and Sociology-based Criminology. Along with completing 3 degrees, she has also completed 13 certifications. Jasmine is a true advocate of professional students because learning is one aspect of life that she believes is continuous.

Jasmine is willing to admit that staying in Mississippi was never her dream, no matter how much she planned to do for her town or state. For as long as she can remember, Jasmine has wanted to create a better future and system for her community. All of her life she has wanted to inspire kids who looked like her, to break all barriers. Yet, she didn’t think she had to stay in Mississippi, in order to help Mississippi. However, her time spent at Mississippi State and working with the William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation has drastically changed her mind. It is easy to talk about change, but nothing will happen until you begin to put action behind thoughts. For Jasmine, seeing people her age leave home and build up other places, confused her, so she made the decision to stay.

Since coming home from college, she has dedicated her time to restrengthening the Mississippi Delta. As an Academic Counselor at Delta Educational Opportunity Center, she aided the underrepresented individuals across 12 counties in the Mississippi Delta. Jasmine helped both 9th through 12th graders and any adult without a two-year degree, complete high school, enroll in postsecondary education, create resumes, apply to jobs, study and take the ACT, and so many other services. Going out and speaking to students, presenting on scholarships and Financial Aid is one of her favorite things to do. She has a strong bond with the students and parents that she works with.

Within her community, she is a real pillar. Mentoring youth scholars, volunteering, organizing monthly food distributions, holding college prep sessions, passing out clothes and toiletries, and leading free health boot camps is a passion of hers. Anything that Jasmine can do to increase the wellbeing of this area, she does it! Jasmine feels that it is her duty to pour into the community that has poured so much into her. She was raised here, attends service every Sunday at her church, The Church of The Living God of Leland, MS, and she even works out at the YMCA of Greenville. Jasmine is a force of nature within her community! Greenville is her home and is where Jasmine is happy to be serving as the new Executive Director of Greenville Renaissance Scholars. “Mississippi is a beautiful place, filled with hardworking, dedicated, beautiful people who deserve the best just like every other state in America. I want to make Mississippi great because Mississippi has made me great.”

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