ACT Prep

We provide FREE ACT prep sessions where students learn beneficial test taking tactics that is sure to increase student’s test scores by at least 3 points.

The ACT Prep program typically runs throughout the year, being offered 2 consecutive Saturdays before each scheduled exam. The first Saturday covers Science and English, while the second Saturday covers Math and Reading. 

This program is designed to help 8th through 12th graders prepare for the ACT (American College Testing) examination. This program focuses on improving students’ test-taking skills, enhancing their subject knowledge, and increasing their overall confidence in taking standardized tests. Completing this course will lead students to:

  1. Improving their understanding of the ACT format, question types, and scoring.
  2. Enhancing subject-specific knowledge in English, math, reading and science.
  3. Developing effective test-taking strategies, time management, and problem-solving skills.
  4. Boosting their self-confidence and reducing test anxiety. Increasing test scores.